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Product Overview

FIDS24MM1 PMC card is a high-performance processing element that utilizes Intel® IXP2400 network processor which is a low power and high performance XScale CPU. The FIDS24MM1 offers OEMs a standard module to easily customize and upgrade designs and reduce time to market. With carrier board, it can be used in broadband access and edge service markets such as broadband access (Intelligent DSLAM), metro routers, edge service and 2.5/3G wireless (CDMA2000 or WCDMA system), security (IDS, Firewall).

Product Highlights

Accelerates time-to-market of broadband products based on IXP2400, TCAM
Self-defined PMC card
FIDS SDK 2.0 include:
1. BSP/ Drivers for RT Linux and VxWorks
2. Reference design.
3. Documents of system structure/ software structure/ interface spec.
Hardware, software, document and tools form a total platform. Hardware, software, document and tools form a total platform.

Flexcomm FIDS24MM1 Board

The FIDS24MM1 Network Processor Card includes a 600 MHz IXP2400 network processor with SPI3 traffic bus and a memory subsystem consisting of 16 Mbytes of flash memory (up to 32M), 8 Mbytes of QDR SRAM, and 256 Mbytes of DDR DRAM (up to 512M). Other components include a 9MB TCAM, an Intel 82559 Fast Ethernet chip.


BSP/ Drivers for LINUX and VxWorks
Some building blocks from Intel:
1. Queue management
2. Transmit scheduling
3. Interface to the TCP/IP stack on the Intel XScale core.

Physical Description

Description Specification
Physical Dimensions 149mm * 74mm
Power 35 Watts (max.)
Operating Tem 0 to 50 C
Storage Tem -20 to 60 C

Features and Benefits

Features Benefits
FIDS24MC1 - Network Processor Card
Intel IXP2400 network processor A flexible and intelligent network processor
Memory subsystem - 256 MB DDR DRAM (up to 512Mb), 8 MB QDR SRAM, 9Mb TCAM
Fast table-lookup support
16 MB FLASH (up to 32MB)
Hardware platform to meet various requirement
Intel 82559 Fast Ethernet Multifunctional PCI Bus Controller
Communication with the Intel®IXP2400 network processor for hardware debug capability, speeds test code downloading
SRAM connector
Software libraries and micro-code macros
Accelerated software development to speed time-to-market, efficient using of control stores
Sample applications code, boot code, and
Diagnostics function
Device drivers
BSP for VxWorks, Linux  

Block Diagram

Pn definition:
Pn1: SlowPort and part of PCI interface
Pn 2: part of PCI interface and 3.3V power
Pn 3/ Pn 4: MFS(TX)
Pn 5/ Pn 6: MFSRX

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