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Flexcomm FIDS23MC1 System
2 Giga PICMG2.16 board for SOHO Router/ Firewall / IDS

Product Overview

Based on Intel IXP2350 network processor, which delivers high-performance and flexibility to value-add services because of its powerful parallel and programmable multi micro-engines, FIDS23MC1 is a low-cost yet powerful and fully-featured, production-ready reference platform. In conjunction with Flexcomm's powerful software support and various reference designs, combined with Flexcomm's strong experience in design and develop on Intel IXP serial network processors, FIDS23MC1 reference platform enables customers to get custom products to market faster, at lower cost, and with less development risk.


Product Highlights

Low-cost single board solution, can be used stand alone with ATX power supply
cPCI2.16 form factory
2 on-board Gigabit Ethernet ports on front panel, can also be switched to cPCI2.16 backplane
Expansion capability for media interface cards, auxiliary control plane modules, crypto offload
TCAM interface to accommodate Flexcomm's off-the-shelf TCAM daughter card
Linux BSP, Redboot and diagnostic provided and supported by Flexcomm
Application in Flash extended to the IXP2350 by Flexcomm to provide reference application such as 2GE throughput, IPv4/v6 router, security application and others
Intel SDK support includes core components, resource manager, example ME code - supported by Flexcomm
Optimized BOM and schematic


Function Block Diagram


Hardware Feature Definition

900/900M or 900/600M Intel@ IXP2350 network processor
16MB StrataFlash, soldered to main board
8MB QDR SRAM, soldered to main board
512M CPP DDR DRAM (expandable to 2G) via SODIMM
256M XSI DDR DRAM (expandable to 1G) via SODIMM
Support 4.5M/9Mb TCAM
2 Gigabit Ethernet based on Broadcom BCM5461s, fiber supported to front panel on FIDS23MC1 board, can also switched to cPCI2.16 backplane
2 10/100 Fast Ethernet management ports and 2 UART console ports
MSF expansion to support OC3/12, and T1/E1 applications etc
Stand alone with ATX power supply
Maximum 25W power consumption
Redboot and diagnostic binary code in flash


FIDS23MC1 HDK features

Optimized BOM
Schematic (PDF file)


FIDS23MC1 SDK features

Redboot source code
Diagnostic source code
2GE throughput reference application source code
FIDS23MC1 LSP patch for MVL 3.X
FIDS23MC1 ramdisk source code
FIDS23MC1 user manual
FIDS23MC1 2GE throughput reference design guide


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Contact Information:

For technical support, please contract our support at support@flexcomm.com.cn
For business issues, please contact our sales at sales@flexcomm.com.cn.
Tel: +86-21-54109960 ext. 350
Fax: +86-21-54109876
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