Strategic Co-operation between LinkTronix and FLEXCOMM for Win-Win of Embedded Solution Design and Promotion

Co-operation of the two mutual complementary professional teams, speeding the application of Intel PXA CPU effectively


Beijing LinkTronix Technology Co.,Ltd today announced the memorandum of strategic co-operation with FLEXCOMM Technology (Shenzhen) Limited for Win-Win business mode of embedded system solution design and promotion. There would soon come the joint-development and promotion of embedded system solution based on RiSC-SOMto speed the application of Intel PXA CPU effectively.

"The more fast development of embedded CPU in integration, power management and working frequency, the more technical requirement for end-user's product," said Mr.Charles Xu, CTO of LinkTronix. "Innovative RiSC-SOM by LinkTronix integrates key functional units of CPU, SDRAM, FLASH, Networking, Audio and Power Management, bundling with popular embedded OS of WindowsCE or Linux, which would effectively speed flexible design of product solution, decreasing development and manufacturing cost for time-to-market product. For both LinkTronix and Flexcomm, as famous embedded system solution designer and promoter, the strategic co-operation should speed the development and promotion of system solution based on RiSC-SOM "

Mr.Limit Wu, CTO of FLEXCOMM pointed out, "As professional solution designer and promoter in GRAGON, authorized distributor of Intel, there are lots of successful experiences in the application and promotion based on Intel embedded CPU including IXP, PXA and IOP series. It is the right way of strategic co-operation with LinkTronix for the two mutual complementary technical teams. We¡¯re sure that the series system solutions based on RiSC-SOM would push the application of Intel PXA rapidly in the markets of Portable Media Player, STB, Education Computer, Network processing, Specific PDA, SmartPhone and Handheld Game Player...etc."

About LinkTronix

LinkTronix design, develop and markets innovative RiSC-SOMembedded system module solution£¬targets for digital consumer electronics, data communication, industrial control, medical detecting...etc markets. For more information, please contact LinkTronix at


FLEXCOMM, as main design company under DRAGON Group, authorized distributor of Intel£¬design, develop and markets solutions based on Intel embedded CPU with professional reputation in application of network communication, embedded industrial control and consumer electronics...etc. For more information, please contact FLEXCOMM at


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